Banana Cup 2017

Terrible Monkeys announces Banana Cup 2017!
Date is 24-25th of June 2017 - right in the beginning of summer holidays. What better way to start them, right?
This year tournament will be held in city of Třemošnice, in the central part of the Czech Republic. Have a look on the setup here:
We have got 2 football fields. Two with classic grass. There will be no need for travel between them at all.
Divisions are classic:
Open (12 spots)
Women (12 spots)
Fees are unchanged - Team fee 75 E, Player fee 15 E.
Sleeping will be both in tents and in the school classroom nearby.
Swimming pool is located in the tournament area, but unfortunately this year it will be in reconstruction, since its leaking. There is however a wonderful natural pond in the village nearby (Kraskov). We strongly recommend to go there after each match to refresh up a bit.
Of course, during BC there will be some side sport activities possible. SPIKEBALL tournament will be held and we are thinking about another GUTS competition. Let us know if you are interested!
Ok now, already feeling enthusiastic about BC? Wanna come? Register your team on Banana Cup 2017 event on Ultimate Central at and wait for the day to come!


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Banana CUP 2015 - a succesfull one!

Thank you all for attending Banana Cup 2015 - first year in Čáslav was very succesfull and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Now we are collecting all the experiences from organizing tournament in this new location. So If anyone of you experienced sth, had some troubles with directions, organization, or any other suggestions what to do better next year - please feel free to write it to us - we will try to count with it next year.
Also, would be great if anyone has photos to share them with each other - you can send them to me on mail - I can redistribute among others and display them here.
Final standings:

Results open

1. F.U.J.
2. Terrible Monkeys
3. Austria Juniors
4. Yellow Block
5. Trouble Band
6. Outsiterz
7. Slovak Juniors
8. Rainbow Banana
9. UltimateAmSee
10. Cherries On Tour


Results women

1. Prague Devils
2. Terrible Fever
3. Austria Juniors W
4. Czech National W
5. Czech Juniors W
6. Slovak Juniors W

Spirit of the game:
Open - Cherries On Tour
Women - Austria Juniors
All the results can be found there:
Losts & founds are there:
Banana Cup 2016 will be waiting for you!

Prizes are already being made!

Prizes for winners of Banana Cup 2015 are already being manufactured, by our partner - Slévárna Losenický s.r.o. - aluminium foundry from Čáslav.

We can promise it will be worth to fight for them until the very end ;-)

Spikeball challenge on BananaCUP 2015!

Přijďte si zahrát Spikeball! O co se jedná? Jde o nový dynamický sport pro čtyři hráče se speciální síťovou trampolínou založený na pravidlech beachvolejbalu – ekvivalentem přehození přes síť je v tomto případě odraz míčku od síťky na konstrukci. Jakmile se odrazí, mohou si hráči v rámci týmu až třikrát přihrát (třetí nahrávka už musí směřovat opět na síť). Cílem hry je odehrát („zaspikovat“) tak, aby protiháči nebyli schopni odražený balon zpracovat a po jeho spadnutí na zem prohráli. Spikeball je velmi akční sport, takže se po podání můžete pohybovat kdekoliv okolo konstrukce (360°). Navíc je to sport kompetitivní a hlavně zábavný, tak neváhejte a pojďte si s námi zahrát! Více informací na

Come and play Spikeball with us! What are we talking about? It’s a new dynamic sport for two teams of two with a special trampoline. It’s based on the rules of beach volleyball – the difference is that the carry over network in volleyball is a bounce from the trampoline in spikeball. Once the ball is served, players can move anywhere they want. Each team is allowed up to three touches before they return the ball. The point of the game is for the ball to hit the net so that the opposing team cannot return it. The rally continues until the ball is not returned properly. It’s a fun and rather competitive sport, so don’t hesitate to try and play with us! For more information visit

Terrible Monkeys proudly announces Banana Cup 2015!

Date is 18-19 of July 2015 and it is gonna be Open & Women division, as you know from the last BC tournaments.
As many of you maybe already know, we had to move tournament itself to a brand new location - city of Čáslav. Its located about 100 km from Prague, in the central bohemia. We hope that moving will just let the tournament grow.
Three fields are there arranged - all of them right next to each other, which is awesome, cause there will be no need to travel between them for a longer distance, known from last years in Aš. 2 fields are natural grass and one field artificial grass third generation.
BC 2015 will contain Open & Women divisions - as usual. 12 spots available for Open division, 8 for Women.
We have been able to lower the fees, so you can have more fun on saturday party!
Team fee: 75 E, Player fee: 15 E.
Banana Cup 2015 has been marked as water-friendly tournament! There is an open-air swimming pool next to the tournament and city of Čáslav has been so kind to us that all participants of BC 2015 will have a free entrance during all the weekend. So after a deadly ultimate fight on the field, everyone can cool his head in the pool.
Sleeping will be in the tents, plus there will be an additional dormitory for us, righ next to the fields.
If you have enthuasiasm to come live a wonderful ultimate experience in Čáslav and guts for long & huge saturday party, register your team on FFindr:
Have fun!

Banana Cup 2014 canceled

Dear friends,

We are very sorry to inform you that we have to cancel the 7th volume of the Banana Cup.

After we sent the first info mail we have soon nearly 24 registered teams which is the full capacity of the tournament. Unfortunately a lot of them canceled their registrations only a few days before the deadline for paying the team fee. We tried hard to save at least one division, addressing other teams to play the mixed, negotiating the price of the fields and so on. 
We have decided to hold the tournament if we would have 8 teams, which would cover the costs and people would still enjoy the games, but there are only 6 teams who have confirmed their attendance so far.
We are very sad about this situation, we know many players was looking forward to the Banana Cup, but we believe you will understand.
Please take our apologies, we can promise that next year we will be back and better than before.
Unless you want to have prepaid for the next year, send us your bank connection so we can refund you.
Stay tuned and see you next year.

Dear team captains

there are only three teams registered in the woman division so far, for
that reason we have decided to cancel the woman division and use the free
spots for the mix and open category, which seems to be much more popular
this year.

At this moment there is one last free spot remaining in the mix division
and three in open. You can check all registered teams on
. Registered teams will have two weeks to pay the team fee. Registration is
complete after fee is paid. In case there are gonna be some free spots, we
will offer them to other teams. First come first served.


We would like to invite your team to Banana Cup tournament. Because of WUCC taking place two weeks after our event, we made a decision to open all three categories (open, women, mix).

The registration is already open on FFindr. There are 8 free spots in each category. Please register through FFinder pages or feel free send us a registration email. Registration will be open until Friday April 17th. 

After that we will send you payment details. Registered teams will have two weeks to pay the team fee. Registration is complete after fee is paid. In case there are gonna be some free spots, we will offer them to other teams. First come first served.

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